37177 White Tail Ct. Farmington Hills, MI 48335
  • MISSION To support Christian
    work around the globe
  • GOAL To advance the name
    of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • MINISTRY To forward funds to
    missionaries and evangelists

About Us

A Government Recognized Non-profit Corporation

The Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust, USA was founded in 1984.  It was established to provide the means for individual Christians to obtain income tax deductions for gifts given for the support of missionaries and evangelists engaged in the spread of the Gospel.

Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust, USA is a non-profit charitable corporation, registered in the State of Michigan (CIN 728-197) and has received 501 (c) (3) status from the Internal Revenue Service (EIN 38-2559707).  Receipts issued by the Trust for gifts are accepted by the IRS in support of charitable itemized deductions claimed on federal income tax returns of United States citizens and permanent residents.


The current directors of the Trust are:

  • Joseph Dennison
  • David Metcalf
  • John Kregel
  • Joseph Dennison (Jr.)
  • Philip Moore


What are the Advantages of Using the Trust?
Donor Benefits
  • The Gospel Trust provides an official receipt for income tax purposes for all
  • The use of the Trust saves time for the donor.
Accurate Delivery
  • Trust maintains accurate contact information and account information for missionaries allowing quick accurate delivery of funds.
  • Trust facilitates transmission of funds to workers in foreign lands.
Direct Deposit
  • The Trust deposits checks or wires funds for many missionaries directly into their personal bank accounts in the United States and foreign countries to protect from lost or stolen mail and avoiding long postal delays.
Accumulated Funds
  • Funds can be accumulated in the Trust by missionaries for purposes of building acquisition and hall construction, publication of Bibles and Christian literature and disaster relief efforts.

Purpose of the Trust

The corporation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for the purposes described under Section 501 (c) (3) of the U.S. Treasury Internal Revenue Code and include:


To support the advancement of the Gospel of Christ in missionary and home fields carried on by assemblies of Christians who gather in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


To help maintain Christian work, including missionaries who engage in the spread of the Gospel of Christ, medical work and educational projects in foreign fields.


To assist in the support of tax exempt institutions dedicated to the care of aged and handicapped people.


To accept and receive funds by gift or legacy for the objectives of the Trust as stated above.  Stocks, mutual funds and real estate are acceptable charitable contributions and such gifts may eliminate the personal liability associated with capital gains.

"Dedicated to the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Operation of the Trust


What is the objective of the Trust?


The Trust is operated to provide a service for individual Christians and assemblies for forwarding funds to the missionaries and evangelists both in the home and foreign fields for whom a letter of commendation from an assembly is on file.


Can fellowship be sent to widows of the Lord’s servants?


Yes, financial gifts can be sent to any widow of a commended worker.


Can fellowship be sent to assemblies?


Yes, especially for the construction and renovation of halls.


Can funds be sent for relief in disaster areas?


Yes, but in order to comply with our non-profit charitable status such funds must be distributed through a commended worker or an established relief fund in the area.


How often are funds forwarded?


Remittances are normally forwarded bi-weekly.


Can contributions be made through a will or a personal trust?

Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust, USA may be named as a beneficiary in your will and all money received will be distributed to support gospel activity and workers. When no specific directions are given in a will, all estate money is forwarded promptly to commended workers or is used for the construction and renovation of Gospel Halls. Your lawyer will be able to assist you in drawing up a will exactly as you wish.


Contact Information

For Questions Regarding the Trust:  Joseph Dennison 
 For Questions Regarding Donations:  Joseph Dennison (Jr) 
 For Technical Assistance Regarding the Web Site:  Philip Montean