Picture of Coast
"Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation."
(Mark 16:15 ESV)


  1. Download and fill out the necessary information on the donor form [Click Here] including the names of suggested recipients you wish to designate.
  2. Mail the form with a check payable to “Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust, USA” to the following address:

    Truth and Tiding Gospel Trust, USA
    34742 Bretton Drive
    Livonia, MI 48152

  3. Alternatively you may donate on-line through PayPal using the Donate button [Click Here].  Fill out the on-line forms including names of suggested recipients and payment method before submitting electronically.  [Note: There is a fee charged by PayPal for processing the on-line donation which will be added to your donation].
  4. A third option is to donate electronically utilizing your Bank's electronic bill payment system.  Set the Trust up as a "Payee" in your Bank's bill payment system. Information on suggested donors can typically be input on the message line with each donation.  This method avoids the charges incurred with using PayPal.
  5. A receipt which is valid for income tax purposes will be mailed to you promptly.
  6. Your gift will be distributed entirely to the Lord's Servants and whenever possible suggestions from the donor will be honored.  The recipients will acknowledge the gifts directly to you.
  7. Funds can be accumulated in the Trust by missionaries for the purchase of large items such as Bibles, computers or a vehicle.  When purchased and shipped by the Trust, most foreign countries waive or reduce import duties.
  8. Please remember that personal postal or e-mail letters sent directly to each worker would be greatly appreciated.