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"Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation."
(Mark 16:15 ESV)


Q. What is the objective of the Trust?
A. The Trust is operated to provide a service for individual Christians and assemblies for forwarding funds to the Lord’s Servants both in the home and foreign fields for whom a letter of commendation from an assembly is on file.

Q. Can fellowship be sent to widows of the Lord’s servants?
A. Yes, financial gifts can be sent to any widow of a commended worker.

Q. Can fellowship be sent to assemblies?
A. Yes, especially for the construction and renovation of halls.

Q. Can funds be sent for relief in disaster areas?
A. Yes, but in order to comply with our non-profit charitable status such funds must be distributed through a commended worker or an established relief fund in the area.

Q. How often are funds forwarded?
A. Remittances are normally forwarded weekly.

Q. Can contributions be made through a will or a personal trust?
A. Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust, USA may be named as a beneficiary in your will and all money received will be distributed to the Lord's Servants.  When no specific directions are given in a will, all estate money is forwarded promptly to commended workers or is used for the construction and renovation of Gospel Halls.  Your lawyer will be able to assist you in drawing up a will exactly as you wish.